About Backspace International LTD.

Backspace is an innovative MediaTech that has developed platforms to provide efficiencies and effectiveness in the growing information media sector. The organization is contributing to the evolving media and communication, as well as the growth of sectors within the wider MediaTech umbrella.

Backspace is an innovative MediaTech that has developed platforms to provide efficiencies and effectiveness in the growing information media sector

Our History


From humble beginnings as a small team of dreamers, Backspace started its journey as a digital media tech company. However, standing out in the digital media industry was going to be a challenge. That is because the media industry was rapidly growing to become fully digitized. Anticipating the boom in digital content consumption, Backspace quickly mobilized its resources to prioritize digital content creation. There were a variety of different styles of content to suit the needs of everyone. Furthermore, Backspace gained a lot of recognition for its well-researched and informative contents.


With the ever-growing landscape of the digital media industry, Backspace wanted to spread its wings and explore other avenues. This led to the creation of several brands which span across different niches such as camping, fashion, tech, tools, pets, and many more. Seeing the rapid growth and success of its ventures, Backspace prioritized its efforts toward video marketing and making its content more appealing to everyone. This decision resulted in the company finding international accolades as a leading digital media agency which opened the door for collaboration with some of the biggest global brands and e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, GearBest, LG, Whirlpool, Insta360, etc. Backspace undertook several digital marketing campaigns for these brands which led to further opportunities in the international market. However, the company’s biggest partnership was with Amazon through different forms of marketing and product promotion strategies.


In 2020, the company gradually started producing more digital content for its clients and soon became a partner for the Amazon Creator Hub to make video content for Amazon’s visitors. Backspace aimed to provide its partners with superior content marketing and animated content. Review Zone, one of Backspace’s largest ventures, was conceived during this pivotal moment because the market demand was rising like never before. During this period, Backspace established its one of the most popular ventures – “10 Studio”, an animation studio aimed to serve the international market specializing in 2d explainer animation. At the same time period Backspace launched “Inspection” under which there are several other brands that have mass appeal globally. Inspection is a broad platform that gathers all the knowledge for you and serves you content relating to specific industries around the world, the latest technologies, business, automotive, and the wellness of people. In short, Inspection covers all the current affairs going on around you in an easy-to-digest format. Furthermore, Backspace also needed to expand its physical location to accommodate its rapid growth.  As of the end of 2021 the total number of employees had reached around 130.

Our Culture

  • We have a strong belief in youth and let them lead the way they want.
  • Our team is full of creative professionals who always maintain a solid connection with the clients whom we are acquainted with.
  • Our communication process is very prominent towards the clients to make them understand our potential and how we actually work.

Our Commitment

  • We’re the trusted partner that takes a proactive measure to help you stand out in your business among other competitors.
  • We are professionally equipped to understand your needs and deliver accordingly.
  • We are concerned as much as you are about your business and offer standard offerings from our end.

Our Goal

To add value to our partners and people around the globe by inspiring innovation in MediaTech.

Our Objective

Establishing our footprint in the global tech space by becoming a central hub for innovation.

Our Values

  • REL

    Be truthful, and maintain transparency through proactive communication.

  • batti
    Creative Problem Solving

    Think outside the box, challenge constructively and act before others do.

  • peop

    Creating a positive place to work and supporting ethical initiatives.

  • inno-1

    Always stay updated, stay relevant, and move forward.

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