Backspace Internship Program

The Backspace internship program offers numerous opportunities to highly motivated students and graduates with diverse backgrounds in MediaTech industry. Here you can get involved on various projects linked to strategic orientations. The main goal of this program is to develop your analytical, technical and creative skills and make you proficient for any international environment.


As an intern, you will be open to many opportunities to accumulate various skills that will help you further in both work and personal life. Along with shaping you as a technically sound person, you’ll also learn to build communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking, management skills, etc.


Having a thirst for more productivity is a must-have quality because you can always get more done. That’s why learning and maintaining specific protocols for work is imperative because it will help you with being highly productive in the workplace.


As an intern, you will be consigned with various types of work which will give you a versatile skill set. Internships will not only provide you with first-hand work experience, but they will also help you to understand the career trajectory for your desired job title.


The right mentorship can shape a person in an effective way to becoming a professional. With a transparent environment, you can freely approach your leader to ask questions about your professional career. And with artful mentoring, you can achieve multitasking skills and organizational capabilities.

Gaining Confidence

Apart from learning proper workplace etiquette, an internship will also help you to build confidence as well which will allow you to grow both as a professional and as a person. With open space to express your thoughts and ideas, you will gain the confidence to feel like an asset to the organization.

Transition into a job

With the right career goals and strong work ethics, you will be able to turn the internship program into a full-time job. An internship will make you more understanding and adaptable to a dynamic work culture so that you can be ready for the next step in your career.

Famous CEO's Who Started As Interns

Internships provide real-time training and professional development that plays a vital role in moving forward in your career. Starting as an intern is just a way to get your foot inside the company’s door,  but with the right motivation you can move up from the mailroom to the boardroom, figuratively speaking. With an ambitious mindset and hard-working attitude, there are numerous inspirations around us who climbed their way to the top of the company despite having started as only a trainee or intern.

Mary Barra started her career as a co-op student for General Motors Institute (Kettering University) in 1980. In 2014, she became the chief executive officer and the first female lead of General Motors.

Ursula Burns began her work life as an intern at Xerox. But her manager quickly recognized her talent and offered her the post of assistant executive. Burns proved herself beneficial for the company and in 2009, she became the Chairman and CEO of Xerox.

Doug McMillon became the CEO of Walmart in 2013. He achieved this position with his skills, and like the others mentioned above, he also began his career as an Associate Trainee at Walmart’s Distribution Center.

There are many examples around us who, even though they initially joined a company as an intern, have established themselves as senior executives of different companies due to their capabilities. One of the great examples is – Kavin Systrom , the co-founder of Instagram, who was an intern at a company called Odeo, which is the former parent company of Twitter.

Internship Opportunities

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    Annual Picnic and refreshing tours on different occasions.

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    Flexible work hours, vacations, leaves, and so on.

  • MEAL

    Unlimited hot and cold beverages, drinks, and snacks on site.

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    PS5, movies, team outings, company parties, and more.

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    Well Being

    Indoor cycling, work-out gear, and equipment.